August 2, 2012

the city that occupies the biggest space in my heart: LONDON

honestly, i've been thinking about this entry for so long that i don't even know where to start. it's so tough to write about something so deeply close to me. words can't seem to come out, but i'll try, so here...

London, dream city, rainy city, cultural city, cosmopolitan city, foggy ol' London, call it how ever you wanna call it, all i hear is... LOVE.
this is the place where it all began for me, where my life took a 180 degree turn where there was no coming back from. words seem difficult to explain my feeling for this oh so amazing place in the world. 

the way the city plays with your feelings is unbelievable, it all depends on the weather, most people would say that London has a very crappy weather, it's rainy and humid! but i would say that it's just gloomy, that's the word, gloomy. when you wake up and you see the city all grey you immediately feel gloomy... it used to take some time for me to get ready when i opened my curtains and saw all the greyness in the sky. i used to take almost 2 hours to get ready when normally my time was like 40 minutes. i would take my sweet time and think to myself about what to wear, and well, as my surroundings were all dark i would wear dark colours. my wardobre was full of dark colours i must say but i guess it was just part of my fashion at that time, but that's a whole different story... the thing is, whenever i was ready and started walking out my building, i started to feel the coldness on my cheeks and my hands, it was so tough because i already felt like i was wearing a whole bunch of layers but yet i still felt cold. 

i would walk to the bus stop and wait, whenever the bus arrived it was when the journey began. i loved sitting on the second floor of the double deckers, and i just looooved gazing at the city and the people in it, i would put on my headphones and put on some soothing music, and just stared. it became part of my routine. gazing at the majestic buildings, the weird people, and just how everyone seemed like little ants running around everywhere, so hectic. 

i lived in London for a year and 5 months and i must say... i fell deeply in love, not only with the city but with my soon to be husband, London to me represents love in all the ways possible. in London, i learnt to love being alone, yes i know i said i met my fiancee there, but i did spent some time alone  as in physically alone, like no one at home alone, and just walking by streets made me feel so amazing, walking for me became like a time for myself, and time to clear my head, it didn't matter if i was walking to school or to work, wherever i walked i felt like i was contemplating life's toughest decisions hehe... sounds ridiculous, but that's how i felt it. 

let's put the grey part of London aside. when the sun came out in that city, it was like heaven on earth, the buildings seemed to have life of their own, the city was even busier, the parks full of people reading and sun-bathing, even people wearing bathing suits trying to get a tan hahaha. there was so much to do around it was really hard to pick an activity. the city became full of life and my mood would change as well, and i would become the happiest person on earth :) like i said, the weather and the look of London can really play with your feelings! 

in London i learnt to Love and appreciate friendship, not that i didn't before, i guess i just never had the chance to know what friendship was until i was there... i met people from everywhere in the world. they all had a different story, they all had a different perspective of the world and i loved that. i learnt to love the differences that makes us human, our cultures, our way of thinking. it doesn't matter where you are from, London will bring you together, it's a place where friendship blossoms... a place where love blossoms. 

as weird as it may be, i had THE most amazing time in London, yet i never really took the time to take out my camera and take lovely photos of the city. that's another thing i learnt to love in London... moments. i was so busy living each and every moment i was spending there, that sometimes i forgot to bring my camera, and i guess it was for the best as i lived 110% , i gave it my all, to everything that i did there. it was like my eyes where my shutter, i would just blink and take a mental photo of what i was living and believe me, i can describe you streets of London as they were when i was there, and with perfect details :)

oh London, i remember my last moments there. i was so sad to leave the home that i had found there. the feelings that the city would bring to me, the people that i met, the moments that i lived, the version of me that i had found, and the other version of me that i had lost. 

it is very hard, as i said, to think about London and to try to put what i feel for the city into words... so i leave you with you photos, photos i found on the web, and other photos that i took myself (not very good ones i must add). words are not enough so maybe images are... 

FYI i did NOT take these. these first photos i found on the web, unfortunately i have no idea who took them so i can't give proper credit... 

THESE (below) are the photos i took:

my lovely fiancee and i in Trafalgar Square for the world cup 2012.

graduation celebrations along the Thames.

Marble Arch tube station

year book photo-taking :) as you can see i was the photographer since i was the only who didn't look all fancy haha

most amazing new years ever... new years 2010-2011

enjoying the fireworks :)

after it was all over...

Wembley Stadium for a Coldplay concert

Abbey Road

Oxford Street on my very last day in London

London for the world cup 2010

Piccadilly Circus

Weird clown in a souvenir shop in Piccadilly

Def had to see the changing of the guards before leaving :)

Somerset House during winter!

crazy people during St. Patricks celebrations in Trafalgar Square