March 18, 2012

under the sunlight

my first photoshoot of the year! i know it's been a long time... but for those of you who don't really know, i'm not a full time photographer, this is my hobby and i do it as much as i can, whenever i can. life has gotten in the way, and i'm not saying it in a bad way, the opposite! :)

but here... i wanted to play with sunlight, and do something fun! 

thank you to my friend Yettie for posing and being a great model, very patient and helpful :D 

please do not use any of these photos without my written permission. all copyright by Scarleth White. 


 photographer and model :)

March 3, 2012

a traveler: New York

it's been a while since i update my blog, i've been working hard on my next life project is hard to find time to take photos anymore! but here i am, finding some time to share with you about my last adventure :) in my blogs i mention a lot how traveling is so soothing and relieving, it doesn't even get tiring to repeat it again because every time i travel i convince myself that there's so much more to it than just being a tourist. traveling, is a way to discover new things, new feelings, new parts of you, you didn't even know they were there, and sometimes, it is a way to discover old things that somehow just come afloat when you're wandering the unknown. 

i'm not the most articulate writer, but i try as much as possible to convey how i see the world, and at the same time how the world sees me, so here:

New York, a new place, a massive state, and a perfect place to get lost. i traveled to NY on december 2011, spent Christmas there. the reason why i wanted to visit NY in this particular time of the year was because i wanted it to be my scape, my comfort zone, somewhere i would go and just forget about my surroundings just for a while. i wanted New York to be my twilight zone.

i'm pretty sure many people have been to NY, and everyone sees it differently. i personally, fell in love with it because of the night lights... so beautiful, they made me feel so peaceful even though it's an incredibly loud city, in my mind everything was mute... 

 somewhere in central park
 central park by night
 apple store awesomeness (yes i'm an apple disciple)
 St. Patricks
 Christmas tree at Rockefeller
 NYC subway
 just a typical hot dog stand
Hard Rock Cafe - Time Square
 polish friend :)
no NY trip is complete without walking the Brooklyn Bridge :) just decided to do it by day... nevertheless very amazing and a bit cold :P
 view of Manhattan from the BB

Chrysler Building from 5th avenue 
 even used a cop's hat! haha
 Time  Square, the busiest place i've visited so far... and it was soooo incredibly cold. i was told that because of all the light from the ads the temperature inside TS is 2 degrees higher.
 Marriot Marquis view rotating bar... extremely expensive but def worth for a one time thing ;)
 3 hours to go up the Empire State Building to see this? TOTALLY WORTH IT!