December 15, 2011

a traveler: canada

oh Canada... this is the last of my past travels, and i write this being in NYC at the moment, but that will be a whole different blog :) just so happy to travel again! :D

my trip to Canada was pretty long, therefore lots of photos hehe, i found it really hard to pick out the best but somehow i managed. 

basically my trip took place in Ontario, i realize Canada is a huge country and there is so much to see, so i can safely say that i will come back and know the wild part of it :) but for now, i'll show you my experience in the city of Toronto... during all my travels i came to realize that i'm a city girl, i like big cities, feeling like there's always something going on, keeps my mind busy and it keeps me going :) apart from all the buildings in a city, one of the things i love the most is the people, and i gotta say, canadians are incredibly nice and always willing to help out. 

i really enjoyed Toronto, there's so much going and so many things to do :) and i love the view of all the buildings...

ps: there are so many pictures i can't share because there are too many, from Niagara Falls which is absolutely awesome and Wasaga Beach but i guess these ones will do :) and they're def the highlight of the entire trip! 

if you're in Toronto, you should def go to Toronto Islands, you get an amazing view of the city skyline and there are many cool activities to do around the massive park.:)

while in Toronto Island i met this cute dog and its owner... i spent like 2 hours talking to the old man and playing with the doggy :) it was such a cool time, like i said canadians are really nice :)

after spending some time in the city... it was time to know the nature side of Canada, so we visited Muskoka, an area of Ontario pretty famous for being a cottage town. beautiful landscapes, and the typical Canadian scenario, pines and lakes :) it is soooo beautiful, and it is a great place to relax and just unplug yourself from the world. i think the photos can speak for themselves, i can only say that i had an amazing time and a great host, so thanks for taking me there :)

fireworks for Canada Day :)

to finish up... i stayed most of the trip in Oakville, Ontario... the last day i sneaked around and saw this place where you could see the Toronto skyline and lake Ontario... it was beautiful. 

Oh Canada... i shall come back, very soon :)

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