December 12, 2011

a traveler: bahamas

moving on to my next destination... no longer in Europe but nevertheless pretty amazing as well. when my dad asked me, do you wanna go to Bahamas? i didn't think about it twice i just said yes! it was 2 years since the last time we had a family vacation, so i knew this was an opportunity to relax and forget about the whole shock of having moved back from London to my hometown. what better place to go and forget the world but Bahamas? a complete and utter paradise! :) 

i should mention that i decided not to edit any of these photos, just because the natural colours are soooo vivid and really, there was no need to edit :P hehe although most of the time i just do it to give it my personal touch but this time, they're all SOOC. 

so starting this journey to crystal clear waters and amazing blue skies with warm weather was absolutely fantastic. i totally fell in love with Bahamas, people are nice, there are literally tons of tourists everywhere and there are lots of things to do around. i don't think there's too much talk needed hehe... the photos can talk for themselves. 

you can't go to Bahamas and not go see the dolphins, we took a package to the Blue Lagoon to go see them... it was just amazing. touching a dolphin was on my bucket list hahaha i know it's kinda silly but it's something i've always wanted to do.


next day after hanging out with the lovely dolphins, we headed to Exuma Islands, a couple miles north of Nassau, to spend the day :) i saw the pictures on the brochure but maaaan, i was not ready for this! it was like heaven on eaaaarth :D

when i die, i wanna go to a place like this :) hehehe

scuba diving... fun fun! first time i did it... pretty scary considering there were sharks nearby lol but i took a quick swim and managed to survive hahahaha :P

in this place you could walk for almost a kilometer into the water and it would still just reach your ankle. :)

shaaaarks :S

well well... that's all folks! hope you enjoyed :)

until the next destination... CANADA!


  1. My compliments for your blog and pictures included,I invite you in my photoblog "photosphera".


    Greetings from Italy


  2. Thanks a lot Ivo :) i will check out your blog right now :D