November 2, 2011

a traveler: Paris

aaah oui oui je t'aime mon amour Paris <3 oh yes... i fell in love with Paris and the photos will tell you why.

it was a cold february of 2010 when we visited Paris, and yes if you're thinking february OMG for valentine's? how cliché! well yeeeees i did it... i went to Paris with a particular person important to me at that moment, and i don't regret it. it was great...
i must mention once again, the coldness i experienced while being in this oh so beautiful city, shit, it was like freaking cold and humid, (pardon the language) and then again a bit of snow, not as much as Amsterdam but man, it was so effin cold, we walked soooo much around the city it wasn't even funny.

but... there's a but, yes, when i stepped foot in front of the Eiffel Tower as much cold as i felt in that moment it was MAGICAL! wow i've only seen that magnificent construction in movies! and i was standing in front of it wooow, the mood was cloudy, almost as in one of those old movies you know what i mean? i hope so...

Paris has a certain feeling to it, i just don't think i can actually explain it but the least i can do is try... it was a cold 14th of february, a saturday if i'm not mistaken, and for the locals it was just one more night, although the restaurants were crowded, and you could see couples walking on the streets holding hands as it if were a movie again, maybe it was the cold! but it really was romantic to my point of view. i guess it al revolved around the city looking dark and the coldness around... it was at some point unbearable but like i said, i kept thinking to myself "wow this is unreal" as i looked around the old buildings and that particular look of a european city, the fog also gave a movie-like feeling... i don't even know what words to use to describe how it made me feel to be there and to walk those streets, and see the smoke coming out of my mouth when i spoke... i just really can't explain it to be honest.

anyways... the streets of this city were pretty crowded i mean for being winter i think. and contrary to what people had told me in the past, french people were actually incredibly nice... haha i tried speaking french with the very little knowledge i have on the language and they were very nice and kind to try to speak english!

if you go to Paris you have to go up the Arc de Triomphe wooooow it is quite amazing... and if you've already been then you should definitively agree with me haha :) (ps: the stairs are quite a pain but believe me, it's worth it)

aaah... and talking about going up stuff... you also have to go up the Eiffel Tower, don't quite remember how much was it, but we bought tickets to go all the way to the top, but then i lost mine haha so we got to the second floor but still pretty damn awesome... note: it was colder up there that it was down on the ground, i could've sworn i was going to freeze to death!

yep, it was freezing, i think you can see from my hat that i was sorta snowing :S well it was a painful yet super cool experience.

and finally moving on to images that i believe don't need explanation... Paris by night, at least part of it hehe :)

and to say goodbye, a photo i took on valentine's day... it was so cute to see that i had to :)

Paris sont toujours très spécial pour moi <3

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