November 17, 2011

a traveler: iceland

ice-ice-land... wow this particular trip has very special place in my heart, mainly because it was the one place where i had absolutely no idea how it was going to be. i don't know why i just never thought or even dreamed that i was going to go to iceland, nor it was among my list of countries i wanted to go to...

it was funny, the way it all happened. traveling in London meant using the tube, and well, there's lots of advertising down there like literally everywhere lol... and just like that, one day waiting for my train to arrive i was looking through the ads and saw this one that had this "blue lagoon" on it and it said that the price included return flight and a "blue lagoon" experience and i saw it was from icelandair... so i thought to myself mmm iceland? the only thing i knew about this country was Sigur Ros at the time (amazing iceland band that i love btw) so i said haaaa why not? so we bought the tickets, this was in february 2010!  so then... some time during march we heard the news about this volcano that had erupted and that had all air traffic closed in most of Europe, and we realized it was a volcano in iceland, i thought to myself, ooh nooo! our trip to iceland is going to be ruined!

anyways... to make the story short the day our flight was supposed to leave was the day Heathrow airport opened back again :D it was amazing that it happened that way...

iceland i must say... it was quite cold, it was April and well it was almost freezing temperatures but nevertheless, a beautiful place with amazing landscapes just take a look :)

i have to say that the people in iceland were really nice, and they have the best lamb everrrr :) what really had me more astonished was the oh so cool erupting volcano which of course i had the chance to see... it was definitively some we had to do! it was like a different reality lol, it was so amazing to see what was the cause of such catastrophe for air traffic in Europe.

we went up to a glacier to take a better look at the volcano, but jeeeeez brrrrrrr it was coooold up there hahaha... and yes i know you must be thinking that every place i go is cold or whatever but i'm from a tropical place so there... you polar bears out there can stand there and say i don't know what real cold is but this seemed quite cold hahaha

here's a shot of the group, a nice british couple took the tour as well... and our tour guide was pretty badass not to mention that super cool truck :P

some champagne for the cold? does anyone have ice? oh wait... ha! by the way... all that "dirt" you see on the snow is not really dirt... it was ash from the volcano!

another beautiful part of the trip was visiting some waterfalls... the water was extremely cold, our tour guide explained that water comes from melting glaciers so yeah, very cold!!!

this second waterfall is featured in National Geographic as one of the top places to visit in the world, it is quite an amazing place!

bundled up! :P

finally leaving the best for last... remember that "blue lagoon" i mentioned... well it's massive hot spring! :D with amazingly blue water (natural colour) and very very warm water which in that cold was the best part hehehe! it felt sooo good to go from the cold and into the water, you can also have face thingys i don't know how to call them you know that thing you put on your face to make it smoother or whatever? yeah well that! 

iceland... pretty much a badass place! a place i wish to visit again some time again :)

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