November 23, 2011

a traveler: greece & turkey

out of all the places i have visited, i can most definitively say that Greece has been one of the best, mainly because i love to relax and enjoy my surroundings and this was the perfect place to do so! so from super cold Iceland, we flew to Rhodos, Greece. it was really warm (i love warmth i gotta say) and soooo sunny i couldn't believe it. a place with so much history and beautiful landscapes, Greece really took a big part of my heart on this trip! 

ps: i have to mention that some of these photos were taken by Brian MacDougall! so... props! 

visiting the acropolis in Rhodos was really amazing, i have never in my life been in a place with such ancient history. the view from the acropolis was incredible, the sky was soooo blue and the sun was shining so intensely, and all you could see the immensity of the ocean... almost felt like i wanted to get lost in that horizon... 

white houses... can't really miss them when you're in Greece :) i love how these are so typical in this beautiful country!

Looking at this was like wooooow...

we rented an atv and drove around until we saw a hill and decided to go up there... once we were up there, there were some ruins and oddly soooo many peacocks hahaha, not too sure why they were there but gosh i can oodly (again) say that i've never seen a peacock open its feathers :) it was really cool to photograph them :D 

not too sure the peacocks liked our presence there... since this guy started molesting them hahaha

after a few days, we took a boat to another island called Simi Island :) it was sooooo beautiful and so colourful, i thought i was inside a post card :)

houses were all painted in light colours sooo beautiful!

one of the last sunsets in Greece, it was sooo beautiful! it was a bit hard to walk on the beach since it was all pebbly but the feeling of the pebbles on your feet... mmm i don't know why i really liked it!

then finally we took a boat to Marmaris, Turkey. a beautiful little town by the ocean it was reallyyyy cool... they took us to this bazar were you could literally find just about anything really cheap and maaan turkish people are quite the sellers lol :P

thanks for viewing and reading :)

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  1. interesting captures & details :)
    i welcome you to visit my country INDIA..
    Be my guest someday.. i'm sure you'll love
    beauty of india more then anything..

    Amar patel