November 30, 2011

a traveler: rome

aaah Roma... i don't even know how to begin to write about this magnificent city. this trip in particular was quite awesome not only because of the oh so beautiful city but because of the people i travelled with. it was def interesting since i was used to only traveling with one partner, but i can def say that if you pick the right people to travel you'll have tons of fun like we did on this one. 

Roma is quite the historic city to visit, if you love to hear about the Romans and their adventures and Catholic history well what better place to visit than this? every single old building, its architecture, colours and even smell was very particular. it has quite the movie like feeling you know? at least that's how i felt it :) 

Wait, before i continue i have to say that in an unfortunate accident i had lost all my photos from this trip :( i knooow sad, but somehow i managed to get them back, i did lose quite a few photos, the ones i'm most sad about losing are the ones from the Sistine Chapel, you're not even allowed to take photos there but somehow i did and well i lost them, a friend of mine has them because he copied somehow before i lost them but obviously i can't get them back just like that :S i can see them on his old ipod though baaah :( 

Anyways... first thing we visit was the city of the Vatican, bleh those are the photos i lost :( but here are some shots from the Basilica Papale di San Pietro in Vaticano. this place is quite the wonder, it is sooo beautiful on the inside and the way the light enters through the windows is just magnificent... it made me feel peaceful. and from the outside the Piazza San Pietro which is iconic worldwide and def a place i dreamed to visit one day. 

There are def lots of photos on this blog so i'll try not to ramble that much hehe :) 

Piazza del Popolo from some sort of park over a hill :)

Roma by night... from a hill as well.

to get to the Colosseo was a total odyssey. we got lost so many times, but it was pretty funny. it rained for a bit then it got a bit cold but we managed to find the beautiful landmark. we even got on the wrong side of the road and i ended in the middle of it just like from the photo was taken hehe

saw some men dressed up as gladiators and we sooooo had to take a photo with them hahaha it was €10 to take the freaking photo but i was so worth it i gotta say :D they were so funny, and made up funny poses lol

once inside was like wooow... just take a look :)

then after Colosseo we kept walking, saw some ruins and decided to check it out.

finally it was time for what i was waiting for the MOST... Fontana di Trevi aaaaah... i wanted to go there and do what everyone else wants to do! THROW A COIN AND MAKE A WISH of course :) hahaha that beautiful fountain is really magical i must say. even though there's always a lot of people there just to sit around and hear the water and people chatting and looking around was pretty awesome. oh oh oh and i haveeeeee to mention i ate THE most delicious pizza around the corner from here haha thanks to Matthew lol saw him eating a slice and i had to go get one :P

now, one night we were walking around and we randomly saw these military people doing something weird haha so we went and checked it out and it turned out they were testing some projection thingy on a church, it looked soooo cool. they were pretty much rude to us a bit so we didn't really ask what it was about, all i know is that the projections were really awesome.

i almost forgot that we were there for the World Cup 2010 and we got to watch a match on a massive screen for Fifa Fan Fest :P it was soooo awesome. here's a moment in one of the matches were italy scored a goal and wooooow italians do love football eh? :) 

they also like to party and sit around the river. there's a great vibe at night around there, people sitting with their glasses of wine talking to friends and enjoying the nights of summer... 

we also visited a beach for day, it was great to have some sun and sand, unfortunately i don't remember the name of the beach lol but it was south of Roma by train around 2 hour ride :) 

finally to end the trip the last thing we saw from the trip was the Spanish Steps... after a long walk it was good to see this famous place sit and relax for a bit and eat more pizza :D

November 23, 2011

a traveler: greece & turkey

out of all the places i have visited, i can most definitively say that Greece has been one of the best, mainly because i love to relax and enjoy my surroundings and this was the perfect place to do so! so from super cold Iceland, we flew to Rhodos, Greece. it was really warm (i love warmth i gotta say) and soooo sunny i couldn't believe it. a place with so much history and beautiful landscapes, Greece really took a big part of my heart on this trip! 

ps: i have to mention that some of these photos were taken by Brian MacDougall! so... props! 

visiting the acropolis in Rhodos was really amazing, i have never in my life been in a place with such ancient history. the view from the acropolis was incredible, the sky was soooo blue and the sun was shining so intensely, and all you could see the immensity of the ocean... almost felt like i wanted to get lost in that horizon... 

white houses... can't really miss them when you're in Greece :) i love how these are so typical in this beautiful country!

Looking at this was like wooooow...

we rented an atv and drove around until we saw a hill and decided to go up there... once we were up there, there were some ruins and oddly soooo many peacocks hahaha, not too sure why they were there but gosh i can oodly (again) say that i've never seen a peacock open its feathers :) it was really cool to photograph them :D 

not too sure the peacocks liked our presence there... since this guy started molesting them hahaha

after a few days, we took a boat to another island called Simi Island :) it was sooooo beautiful and so colourful, i thought i was inside a post card :)

houses were all painted in light colours sooo beautiful!

one of the last sunsets in Greece, it was sooo beautiful! it was a bit hard to walk on the beach since it was all pebbly but the feeling of the pebbles on your feet... mmm i don't know why i really liked it!

then finally we took a boat to Marmaris, Turkey. a beautiful little town by the ocean it was reallyyyy cool... they took us to this bazar were you could literally find just about anything really cheap and maaan turkish people are quite the sellers lol :P

thanks for viewing and reading :)