October 25, 2011

a traveler: ibiza

i've been thinking all this time, about all my past travels and the future ones i would like to make... and i thought to myself... mmm i've never really put much attention to my travel photos, after all they are the memories i've kept from all those trips, some really powerful memories.

when i was living in London, i had no idea what traveling was all about, honestly i hadn't traveled that much then, just visited California, Florida, Guatemala and Costa Rica... the third one i don't remember i was very young. so anyways, when i stepped foot in London, it was magic, as if i was transported to another world. never been to europe before that and let me tell ya, man that was the most amazing feeling i've ever had... to feel butterflies in your stomach for the UNKNOWN. phew God know what was awaiting for me in London, but that's a whole different story i've put aside for these writings :)

anyways, my travel adventures started in Ibiza, Spain... holy crap i know what you're thinking party all day and all night, well i would say yes that place is famous for that but the last thing i did the first time i went there was party, ironically. Ibiza gave me a feeling of a place to relax, all i could think of while i was there was Cafe del Mar, if you don't know what that is you should google it, i promise it'll change your state of mind. we arrived by night, to me it was like a dream come true (as i had Ibiza on my bucket list), i saw the ocean lit up by the lights of the buildings, the night was clear and beautiful... it was october so it was a bit chilly (and off season as well), i remember wearing a sweater and some shorts walking on the side walk right next to the ocean, i could smell the water and feel the goosebumps all the way down to my spine.

i had also never seen water of that tone of blue, so pretty my favourite colour :) the water was pretty cold but man i enjoyed it... i was like a child with candies hehe

then the sun went down and wow, i was experiencing my first sunset on the mediterranean... just sitting there on some stairs on the beach, the sun was going down and it was in that moment i realized damn, i'm not dreaming, this is really happening.

those were 4 amazing days of knowing a new place, of not knowing where you are, walking aimlessly with no destination just living life one day at a time... and that lost feeling somehow helped me find some parts in me i didn't know existed. therefore, Ibiza, takes a big place in my heart for being my first experience of traveling alone, with no expectations, creating new memories and new feelings along the way.

this is the first post of my destinations... i'll make one per place visited :) thanks for reading :D

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  1. Hi Scarleth! Thank you or sharing your thoughts, very impressing! Have fun during your trip, and let me know if you are going to go to Germany! All the best! Boris