October 27, 2011

a traveler: amsterdam

so moving on to the second destination: amsterdam! yeees, when i went to this city, it was winter, mid january and well it effin cold... it was the first time i've ever felt this cold in my entire life hahaha, some canadian would say that was nothing, temperature around -15 degrees celsius whatever that is, to me that was a freezing hell! but oh well... that didn't stop me from enjoying the trip! :)

the cold was unbearable, so i had to take certain measurements such as wearing leggings (2 of them) underneath my jeans, then one sleeveless shirt, then another shirt, then a sweater and then a thicker sweater and then finally a coat hahahaha... oh and you can't go out there without boots!

Amsterdam is such a beautiful city, i've heard that during the summer is even better, but i really liked seeing all around me covered in snow and the blueish that things looked, it made it all seem like a movie... museums are incredible, but the one thing we did enjoy the most was visiting the Heineken brewery :P hehehe it was so much fun going to that... and if you are ever in Amsterdam you should definitively visit that! it's quite interesting to see how things are made.

anyways with this photo you'll see what i'm talking about when i said "see everything covered in snow"

ugh, makes me cold just to see that again haha... but like i said best thing everrrr... i was happy running around the snow and touching or just feeling it!

oh and another place you should make sure to visit is "House of Bols" completely awesome :) i highly recommend it :) it'll awaken your senses ;)

bottom line, second country i visited was definitively different, with snow watching for the first time and and well the red district, that is quite something haha, you're not allowed to take photos there so...
again, a dream come true, to feel snow, to see the interesting set up of buildings and houses in Amsterdam which gives its own special appearance... ah i loved it :)

ps: do not use any of these images without my permission!

thank you for reading :)

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