May 29, 2011


this week's project... a project within a project :) within my "52 weeks" project each week from now on i will take a photo based on colours, you'll see what colours are shooting once the photos are up just like now :) i'm trying something different with my photography, although i don't want to lose that personal approach i give to my photos... some of them, even though i am not in them, are very personal, you just don't know it ;)

well here is the second colour of the project BLUE... enjoy :)

ps: some of these photos were shot with a flash, first time everrr using a flash so go easy on me hehe
ps2: a hugeeee thanks to Amanda Woo for the makeup and extra help keeping my camera from getting all wet :P

1 comment:

  1. BEAUTIFUL eyes ! and which match with the color of the water