March 11, 2011

52 weeks collaboration

hi everyone,

for some reason i can't write a note on facebook so i'm posting this here...

soooo... remember that i told you that i needed your help for my 52 weeks project? hope so :)
well, my idea is to have a photo composed by several photos of things that you have done or how you felt  on your week... yes what YOU did on your week, something that made your week or somehow made it special hehe, everyday we live different things and the idea is to capture one of those things in camera. so yeah YOU have to take a photo, and do not worry about not being a pro photographer because i am not either... just grab whatever camera you have and shoot :D use your imagination and finally when you have decided which photo you want me to use send the original file to my email with your name and where are you from and what this photo means to you. i will be using as many photos as i can and i will be editing them a little bit, all the credit goes to all of you though... and the reason i want to do this is because indirectly some of you are part of my week even though we don't know each other personally but just by ready your comments or seeing that you clicked "like" on my picture really makes my day and it really does affect my mood :) so i want to make all of YOU part of my year in 52 weeks :)

my email is so send all your photos there :) remember to put your name and the country where you're from and what the photo means to you. please send your photos before friday 18th of march :)