February 16, 2011

time off

so it's been a while since the last time i had real vacations and enjoyed myself with you know... myself. it's always hectic following schedules or other people's interests and not doing whatever you want! it's always good to take some time off to stop and think... just about anything! so i went to Bahamas with my family and it was such an amazing trip specially because even though you may think a family is a crowd they don't steal as much time from you as your friends and basically they let you do whatever you want.
i guess i needed to disconnect myself from the world, from everything just to connect with myself... this may sound like a freaking self-discovery preach, but like i've said before, i write to keep myself sane and maybe to get to people that might feel the same!

i went to paradise, found my valentine within me and finally found my very own special happy place :) a beautiful beach in the middle of nowhere, where the water is crystal blue, the sun shines like a diamond and the skies makes you feel like heaven. <3

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  1. I agreed your opinion for get some own time. Glad to know that you found yourself back again,as your valentine. i like the place too. Stay well and have fun.

    Greeting from Bangladesh, with regards-