January 28, 2011

before the words run out

blaaah, not feeling like rambling lately, but i do feel bad that i opened up this blog and not write anything... lately it's all been about thoughts, mmm have you ever been in a situation where you keep thinking and your mind keeps telling you like a million things but when it comes the time to talk... you have no words! :S aaargh i effin hate that!

well... it is difficult sometimes, for human beings to find words, thoughts we have plenty but for some reason there is something in our brain that blocks us from speaking! odd innit?

went photoshootin' today (haha what a way of changing subjects huh?)... i've been trying hard to put my thoughts and feeling into pictures but they are so mixed up i almost felt that i couldn't take photos anymore... could that even be possible? :S i hope not!

here's an outtake of today's shoot...

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